Photograph of Sybil outside the Cullercoats Community Association

Sybil Howard

Sybil belongs to: Cullercoats Community Centre

Sybil was born in the West End of Newcastle. She moved to Cullercoats in the mid 1970s with her husband. Sybil is an active member of Cullercoats community life. She helped raise funds and build the Cullercoats Community Centre and helps organise fundraising events for the RNLI.

Sybil was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 1 March 2006. The interview took place at Cullercoats Community Centre and lasted 26 minutes and 15 seconds.

Photograph of Sybil outside the Cullercoats Community Association
Photograph of Sybil outside the Cullercoats Community Association

Harbour Day

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"And then one day, a dear friend of mine, lifeboat through and through"

And then one day, a dear friend of mine, lifeboat through and through, and one of the, you know, chairmen of this association, although he’d retired from it then. His name was Raymond Taylor I knew the family and he came to me and he said to me in my house and just as he said it, and he looked at me- and I had resigned from the committee here because it was ’92 and I had felt there was enough people to get on with it and he looked at me and he said, “how would you like to have a Harbour Day, bonny lass?”, just like that. And I said, “well, what is it, you know, what is a Harbour Day?”, “Oh,” he said, “it’s nowt to worry about- a few stalls, a couple of games for the kids, and maybe a bit of music if we can find it.” And I said, “right, well, yeah, I suppose, I don’t,” I had never been to a Harbour Day and when I think about it, it was the biggest con trick he played on me, but he did it in a nice way.

So I had to go to meetings in the boathouse, and I went upstairs and there were all these strange young men and I sat at the side of the table like there, Raymond sat at the head and he said, “this is Sybil, Sybil Howard, and she’s going to run a Harbour Day,” and they just nodded. Never mind, it went down alright, they chose the date which has to, you know, be with the tides. It’s no good having it when the tide’s up to the rocks- they wouldn’t get anybody there, and we started off that one year on the hottest day that I’ve ever known for many a year and we had sandwiches of every imaginable nature. The girls who wanted to be on the sandwich counter did everything, you know, when you think about it. The next year, mind, I said, “two choices, that one or that one,” and there was no problem. Then we had hot dogs and things and then I began to realise that if you go and ask people often you get, you know. Went all very well- we made about two grand, which wasn’t bad for a first day.

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