Photograph of Stephen Hudson in Tynemouth Surf Company

Stephen Hudson

Stephen belongs to: Tynemouth Surfers

Stephen grew up in Tynemouth and learnt to surf through his father. Stephen owns the Tynemouth Surf Company and has an integral role in running the OíNeill Surf Championships.

Stephen was interviewed by Kylea Little on 17 November 2005. The interview took place at Tynemouth Surf Company and lasted 18 minutes and 13 seconds.

Photograph of Stephen Hudson in Tynemouth Surf Company
Photograph of Stephen Hudson in Tynemouth Surf Company

The basic surfing techniques

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"Basic surfing techniques"

Basic surfing techniques is, well, basically, to start with youíre trying to kind of like catch the wave and then actually stand on it and go along. And then weíll start to improve you from the moment you can actually comfortably paddle, turn your board, catch a wave and stand up, and then itís all improvement from then onwards. You can actually only get better, so the more you actually do the sport, the quicker youíre able.

We find most people on lessons are, at least three quarters of the pupils can actually ride on the first lessons and then itís just a matter of continuing and improving your performance.

We get people coming, itís very strange actually, it was quite, I was quite looking forward to seeing what sort of people and ages came, but itís come in basically from all walks of life- youíve got people from 60 years old down to six years old, and all sorts of professions are joining the sport- mums, dads, students- all sorts, so itís around the whole circle, basically.

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