Photograph of Sam Lamiroy walking on beach with surf board

Sam Lamiroy

Sam belongs to: Tynemouth Surfers

Sam grew up in Tynemouth where he began surfing. He has gone on to become one of Britain's top surfers. He competes in competitions around the world.

Sam was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 15 October 2005. The interview took place at Tynemouth Beach and lasted 9 minutes and 55 seconds.

Photograph of Sam Lamiroy walking on beach with surf board
Photograph of Sam Lamiroy

Learning to surf

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"Mainly just from, from watching other surfers"

Mainly just from, from watching other surfers. There was no coaching or organised, you know, kind of, teaching academy, it was just purely I loved being in the water, I loved surfing and I wanted to get as good as I could, and youd see, there was a fantastic local crew here and I think that really helped. So the main things that seem to cultivate the high standard of surfing from this particular area, because there were two of us in the end who made it, you know, I think Gabe Davies has won the British nationals and Ive won it, won them as well, so between us, from a tiny little North East, you know, seaside town to win the British Championships twice between us is quite astounding and I think the reason for that was that there was a really strong older surfing community that we could draw inspiration from, kind of copy them.

And at the same time there was quite a dense core group of young surfers, you know, there wasnt just Gabe and myself, there was, there was about ten of us who all surfed to a really good standard and we all pushed each other and kind of squabbled and battled amongst each other and if someone said, I just did a turn, youd always say, oh, no way, that was crap. You know, my turn was much better, and you really, sort of, pushed each other.

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