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Photograph of Richard Ilderton

Richard Ilderton

Richard belongs to: Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade

Richard is an Advanced Technician with the Ambulance Service. He joined the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade in 1993 and is a Section Leader.

Richard was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 18 January 2006. The interview took place at Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade and lasted 12 minutes and 17 seconds.

Photograph of Richard Ilderton
Photograph of Richard Ilderton

Joining the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade

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"I was heavily involved in climbing and I had quite a bad accident in the summer of ’92"

I was heavily involved in climbing and I had quite a bad accident in the summer of ’92. I did a 20 foot off a ridiculously easy climb up in Simonside so I ended up my best mate had to carry me two and half miles down to the car park with the help of this Italian climber and his English girlfriend and then it was four hours at the RVI, because the RVI was the, that was the A and E there at the time before it moved to the General, so I spent four hours there and then two weeks in the General in the Catherine Cookson Ward with my leg in the air getting various CT scans and X-Rays and then spent about seven months on crunches not weight bearing, so when I finally got back walking again, I had a sort of posey stick to go with it just to get me back up and running again.

A guy who lives along the road from my parents saw me in a Chinese take-away and he was asking me, well, “how did you break your ankle?” and I said, “oh, I did it climbing,” and he said, “you’re a climber?”, “obviously not a good one, as it proved by falling off this ridiculously simple climb,” and he said, “well, do you fancy joining? I’m part of a cliff rescue team, do you want to come and join us?” and I’m thinking, “what as? As a spare casualty- do you want to do some training on somebody who’s daft enough to fall off- let’s get him.” So I came along.

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