Photograph of Ray Morse at North Shields Fish Quay

Ray Morse

Ray belongs to: The Fishermen's Mission

Ray was born in Sunderland into a fishing family. He has fished since the age of 3. He worked from North Shields and Grimsby. Ray is now retired and continues to fish in his leisure time.

Ray was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 8 November 2005. The interview took place at North Shields Fishermen's Mission and lasted 54 minutes and 21 seconds.

Photograph of Ray Morse at North Shields Fish Quay
Photograph of Ray Morse at North Shields Fish Quay


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"Thereís loads! Certain words, certain doings"

Thereís loads! Certain words, certain doings. The word Ďsalmoní- most fishermen hate that word. And you know, itís a fish that you eat. I know one particular skipper, heís dead now God rest him, he wouldnít allow a salmon fishing boat to tie up alongside of him. If he knew, he came down- Iíll give you one incident. He came down for sailing this day and he found one salmon scale on his boat, one. Just a scale, you know. What had happened a salmon fisherman had come alongside, tied up, hauled his nets onto his deck to clean them, you know, they were a bit tasselled or something, and pulled them back onto his boat and then moved into his proper mooring. That other fishing boat didnít sail that day. Not until his crew had scrubbed the boat. Another one is Ďmonkeyí- thatís a bad one. P-I-G, pig, thatís another one. They all had special little names; pig was called curly tail, monkey was long tail, salmon was red fish. Another one is, which one was it, opening a tin, you know, fishing boats then used to carry a lot of tinned food, if you open a tin of milk upside down. And as daft as it seems, Iíve witnessed this and itís true.

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