Photograph of Ray Morse at North Shields Fish Quay

Ray Morse

Ray belongs to: The Fishermen's Mission

Ray was born in Sunderland into a fishing family. He has fished since the age of 3. He worked from North Shields and Grimsby. Ray is now retired and continues to fish in his leisure time.

Ray was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 8 November 2005. The interview took place at North Shields Fishermen's Mission and lasted 54 minutes and 21 seconds.

Photograph of Ray Morse at North Shields Fish Quay
Photograph of Ray Morse at North Shields Fish Quay

Traditional navigation and fishing skills

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"I dont know, its just things my dad passed on to me"

I dont know, its just things my dad passed on to me. I mean, Ive seen my dad do things and I dont know to this day what they meant, but he knew. Like, I mean, when I went, when I went skipper and I had my own boat and everything in front of us, decker and navigator, and I would pick a place out on a chart and get the decker readings off the chart, and say, right, there it is, were there, its here, and well go from there to there.

Now, my dad used to do that without any decker. Hed have a log line telling him what speed he was doing and hed have a compass to tell him what course he would go, and hed knew to get to a certain place, lets say, seven hours steam at six knots, so as soon as he left the pier, he would chuck the log line out and set the boat so that he was doing six knots, or whatever, and then set the course and when he got, well say it was seven hours, when they had done the seven hours, he would get the lead line out, which was a big four, five pound lump of lead with a little hollow in it which would be filled with tallow, grease or something like that, lower it to the seabed, pull it back up and he would look at the colour of the sand. Ah, were in the wrong place, well have to shift 10 minutes in whichever direction. Shift the 10 minutes, put it over, pull it back up, different coloured bottom - right, were in the right place.

Now, I could never do that- how he knew what the bottom was like- just something he had learnt himself because my dad was the first one in the family to go fishing.

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