Photograph of Paul Shone

Paul Shone

Paul belongs to: The Fishermen's Mission

Paul has been the Mission Man at North Shields Fish Quay since 2001. For him the work is a calling rather than a career.

Paul was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 16 December 2005. The interview took place at North Shields Fishermen's Mission and lasted 14 minutes and 6 seconds.

Photograph of Paul Shone
Photograph of Paul Shone

The role of the Fishermen's Mission

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"It’s a whole range of things. Basically we’re here to make sure that the fishing community is looked after"

It’s a whole range of things. Basically we’re here to make sure that the fishing community is looked after. Fishing is the most dangerous job you can do in the world, there is nothing more dangerous other than being in the armed forces. And we’re here to support the community in times of tragedy. Now, fortunately, as safety has got…safety requirements have increased and unfortunately the fishing fleet has declined, the number of accidents has also declined, but there is still need for that support in that situation here and we’ve still got widows and orphans that we make sure are okay, we make sure they get the benefits they should have, we make sure there is somebody there to help and advise them. We’re also here to help the retired fishermen- there are lots and lots of retired fishermen, and again we make sure that they’ve got the benefits they need. And we can top these benefits up sometimes with grants from other charities- we’re agents for several maritime charities. And we had a lady fairly recently this year who needed a new cooker and a new three piece suite and we were able to get that. She was absolutely amazed that she didn’t have to pay for this new cooker and three piece suite. That’s the sort of thing, or one of the sort of things that we do.

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