Photograph of Margaret Hastie

Margaret Hastie

Margaret belongs to: Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade

Margaret is involved with the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade and the North Shields Fishermen's Mission. She researched and knitted a traditional gansey for her husband Alex Hastie.

Margaret was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 17 January 2006. The interview took place at the Interviewee's living room and lasted 10 minutes and 2 seconds.

Photograph of Margaret Hastie
Photograph of Margaret Hastie

Finishing the gansey

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"Oh I did, yes. You get quite a sense of accomplishment"

Oh I did, yes. You get quite a sense of accomplishment when you, when you first start you find it very boring indeed until you get through the arm holes, and then it starts to take shape and you become interested and once itís finished you get this great sense of achievement that youíve finished one.

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