Photograph of Jean Wakenshaw

Jean Wakenshaw

Jean belongs to: Cullercoats Community Centre

Jean was born in Simpson Street, Cullercoats in 1921. She has lived in Cullercoats most of her life.

Jean was interviewed by Kylea Little on 1 March 2006. The interview took place at Cullercoats Community Centre and lasted 36 minutes and 23 seconds.

Photograph of Jean Wakenshaw
Photograph of Jean Wakenshaw

Harbour Day

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"Thereís the Harbour Days, yes. Thatís always a big event on Harbour Day"

Thereís the Harbour Days, yes. Thatís always a big event on Harbour Day, yes. And of course my son, my younger son, heís a fisherman and he always brings his boat in, into the bay on Harbour Day but unfortunately last year it rained, it was a terrible day and they had to have it in here, so, but they did quite well. But itís usually a very good event and youíve got the lifeboat, and you know, both Beris and, and Gareth are on the lifeboat, joined the lifeboat, and, and Beris is doing her life, life-saving things at the moment.

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