Photograph of Jean Wakenshaw

Jean Wakenshaw

Jean belongs to: Cullercoats Community Centre

Jean was born in Simpson Street, Cullercoats in 1921. She has lived in Cullercoats most of her life.

Jean was interviewed by Kylea Little on 1 March 2006. The interview took place at Cullercoats Community Centre and lasted 36 minutes and 23 seconds.

Photograph of Jean Wakenshaw
Photograph of Jean Wakenshaw

Changes in Cullercoats

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"Well, itís changed and, the only thing that hasnít changed is the, is the bay itself"

Well, itís changed and, the only thing that hasnít changed is the, is the bay itself. I think the whole of Cullercoats has changed, and of course, itís, they pulled it all down, you know, it was all pulled down about 25 year ago, 20, 30 years now it must be- in the seventies anyway, they pulled it down. And they only left the cottages there. But they only left that part and pulled all the rest down and rebuilt it.

So thatís all been a big change and of course itís built up right over, over on the other side, and right away over now where there were nothing but the fields at one time, you see. When I was young there was just, this was, this was all there was. But not now- itís, Cullercoats is quite, quite a big place, you know. But thereís still a little bit of Cullercoats left. When we go, I think thatíll be it, although my sons have both lived, have been away and come back and well, not my younger son, he hasnít, heís always lived here, but my older sonís, you know, been travelled the world, really, but heís always, he wouldnít leave here.

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