Photograph of Jean Wakenshaw

Jean Wakenshaw

Jean belongs to: Cullercoats Community Centre

Jean was born in Simpson Street, Cullercoats in 1921. She has lived in Cullercoats most of her life.

Jean was interviewed by Kylea Little on 1 March 2006. The interview took place at Cullercoats Community Centre and lasted 36 minutes and 23 seconds.

Photograph of Jean Wakenshaw
Photograph of Jean Wakenshaw

Growing up in Cullercoats

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"Not a lot, Iíve a vague recollection of being at Cullercoats and coming home from school"

Not a lot, Iíve a vague recollection of being at Cullercoats School and coming home from school and running because we just lived across opposite the community centre here, Belle Vue Street and running in and getting my clothes off and getting my swimming costume on and going down to the water. I can vaguely remember that. And, but I canít remember much about the move. But I can remember when I was at school up there quite well, you know. And I used to come down here all the time, all the school holidays and that I used to come down because all my mother's, well, my cousins and all my friends lived here and I used to spend all my days down here in the summer, on the beach, in the water, in and out the water.

For all we moved away it wasnít very far, so, but there were no buses so you had to walk and you know, but that didnít seem to bother us at all. I mean, but, when I was at school we had to walk to Earsdon, from Earsdon to Shiremoor but that never bothered us- we had no buses. So the buses came later.

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