Photograph of Anne Morse

Anne Morse

Anne belongs to: The Fishermen's Mission

Anne is married to fisherman Ray Morse. She was an active member of the North Shields Fishermen's Wives Association.

Anne was interviewed by Kylea Little on 13 January 2006. The interview took place at North Shields Fishermen's Mission and lasted 20 minutes and 16 seconds.

Photograph of Anne Morse
Photograph of Anne Morse

The dangers of fishing

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"I know itís a funny thing to say, but just get to accept it"

I know itís a funny thing to say, but just get to accept it, you know. I mean, Ray was on a boat out of here and it started to take water. I think he was a way off, he was quite a long way off and they were bailing until the helicopter went out and put pumps aboard. But he rang me, he put a phone call through to me and it was just like, ďoh right, let us know when youíre coming in.Ē You know, it was, you just didnít go in, go in to it, you justÖ I think if you were frightened, thatís, it would, and it was all really new, well you knew it from being three years old.

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