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Photograph of Alan Graham

Alan Graham

Alan belongs to: Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade

Alan works as an Instrument Technician offshore. He joined the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade at the age of 18. His family have been involved with the Brigade since it began in 1864. Alan's main job is looking after the searchlight.

Alan was interviewed by Carl Greenwood on 30 November 2005. The interview took place at Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade watch house and lasted 22 minutes and 18 seconds.

Photograph of Alan Graham
Photograph of Alan Graham

Looking after the searchlight

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"My main job in the brigade is actually looking after the searchlight"

My main job in the brigade is actually looking after the searchlight. As tonight Iíve just renewed the carbons in it, in the searchlight to, for the Annual Smoker. Because at the Annual Smoker we light up the priory, so that the people coming, when the Smokers first started, there was no street lighting, so they had a searchlight here then and what they did is they used to shine the light on the priory which is our symbol, and the, it used to light up the bank, and they used to come down by that light, so itís tradition that on the first Friday closest to December fifth, when we have the Smoker that we set the searchlight on at seven oíclock and then at seven thirty when the proceedings start, we switch it off. And then when the proceedings are over, the festivities are over, itís then switched on again so that the gentlemen who are here are able to make their way up the hill and, in safety. Itís a tradition.

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