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This site has been designed with access in mind. It has been designed and built in line with the guidelines set by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

For more information on these standards and web accessibility in general please visit:

the Web Accessibility Initiative

Access features

The site has a number of access features that improve the accesibility of the site for many users.

Text options

For visitors using a graphical browser the text size on the memorynet site can be set in your web browser.

The memorynet website includes British Sign Language introductions to the website, groups, participants and translations of some of the audio memories.

Access keys

Access Keys allow visitors to navigate the memorynet website using their keyboard. To use the memorynet access keys simply press "Alt" followed by an access key. (Internet explorer users may have to press "Enter" after "Alt" and the access key). Access keys have been built in to every page making the most common options available with just a few key presses. The memorynet access keys are listed below.

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Please note that access keys are not available in all browsers. If your browser does not support access keys then please consider upgrading.

Your requirements

If you would like to discuss your access requirements or have any questions about the accessibility of this site then please contact us.