Capturing memories and experiences of communities linked to the sea

memorynet is a collection of oral histories, photographs and images exploring the lives of communities linked with the sea in the North East of England.

Participants include seamen, fishermen, coastal communities, divers, surfers, merchants, boat builders, rescue services and marine engineers.

The collections focus on the following themes: Adventure, Childhood, Community, Danger, Environment, Lifestyles, Living Conditions, Music and Poetry, Roles and Routines, Skills, Sounds and Smells, Superstitions, Traditions, Travel, Wartime, Women, Work.

This site encourages you to comment on the things you see and hear allowing you to add your contribution to the memorynet.

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Photograph of retired merchant seamen standing outside the South Shields Royal British Legion
Members of the Seaman's Mess outside South Shields Royal British Legion